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Witchcraft Moon Magic Spells Audiobook
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Witchcraft Moon Magic Spells Audiobook



by Moon Chamberlain

  • Narrated by: Cherise Knapp
  • Length: 3 hrs
  • Release date: 06-10-20
  • Language: English

Are you a Wiccan witch? Do you have trouble using the magic from the moon in your practice? Would you like to draw and develop as a witch more than you already have? Then, this is the book for you.

This audiobook is useful for any Wiccan witch who wants to implement moon magic in practice because it explains the different phases of the moon, and it shows how each phase can influence your life. It explains also the energy is associated with these phases and how these energies can be used in the manifestation of your desires.

Aside from the phases of the moon, we also see the different rare magic moons that can occur. These include the blood moon, blue moon, eclipse, solstice, and Equinox. Then, the book goes into depth, explaining how different rituals are affected by different phases of the moon, and it establishes that since the energies from these phases have different effects during different periods, therefore, not every ritual will work as expected.

We see how to use the knowledge of the phases into deciphering which ritual will work at which time. The book shows the relation between the natural elements and the moon. These elements, namely earth, water, air, and fire, have specific energies and can influence the way a Wiccan practices. The energies associated with the elements are well-explained, together with the influences these elements have in magic. 

There are several explanations that relate to moon magic and other magical tools. You are also given information on grimoires. Grimoires are a vital part of the Wiccan practice. The book shows you how to create your own and explains why having it is useful in your Wiccan journey.

This is the ideal book for witches who want to expand their Wiccan knowledge and include lunar magic and their practice.

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Moon Chamberlain




3 hrs

Narrated by

Cherise Knapp

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