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Wicca Crystal Magic Audiobook
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Wicca Crystal Magic Audiobook



by Harmony Magick

  • Narrated by: Kate Raymond
  • Length: 3 hrs and 28 mins
  • Release date: 11-18-19
  • Language: English

If you want to discover the hidden power of crystals and how you can use them to cast spells, charms and magic, then keep reading…

Crystals have been around for a long time, and there have been many different cultures that have long understood their power. Witches of all belief systems understand their powers as well. Over the past few decades, their powers have become better known, and more and more people are using crystals to improve their health and life.

Like candles, crystals and gemstones play a key part in Wicca. These stones speak a silent living, creative, infinite power that lies in the earth. These energies can be used by anyone who understand the theory and practice behind this ancient art.

Do you want to add beauty, knowledge, and power to your magic practice? The power of crystals can easily be added to your magical practice. Every crystal out there resonates with different properties and elements, just like colors and herbs do.

There are a lot of stones to choose from, but which ones you opt to use will depend on your intent. That means if you match the crystal with your intention, you can attract the things you want with more power.

This book is here to help you do just that. 

You will learn:

  • The magic of minerals and crystals
  • Methods to use crystals to change you daily life
  • Ways how crystals influence your everyday life
  • A practical guide on crystals spells
  • Steps to pick your own crystals
  • The proper way to care for crystals
  • Uses and properties for rituals and magic
  • The 17 important crystals that every witch should know about
  • And much more…

Even if you’ve never practiced crystal magic, you’ll get all the tools to get started and understand this subject and the extraordinary power of mineral stones! 

If you are serious about your magic practice, you must learn and understand the energy of these stones. A crystal can be an incredible component and tool for your spell work! Crystals are beautiful and powerful, and they add so much to your life. 

With this book, you will discover basic and advanced strategies to practice crystal magic and take your knowledge about Wicca to a new level!

Unleash the hidden power of 17 crystals and learn how to use them to cast powerful spells! Get this audiobook today by clicking on the “buy now” button.

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Harmony Magick




3 hrs and 28 mins

Narrated by

Kate Raymond

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