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Wealth Magnet Audiobook
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Wealth Magnet Audiobook



by Dolf De Roos

  • Narrated by: Dolf De Roos
  • Series: Nightingale-Conant: Wealth & Finance
  • Length: 5 hrs and 32 mins
  • Release date: 10-31-17
  • Language: English

Become a magnet for prosperity simply by adopting the psychology of the mega-rich!

You don’t have to sell your soul to be rich. Nor do you have to sacrifice your relationships in order to build wealth. You don’t even have to scrimp and save! Sure, you can get wealthy that way – but it’s no fun!

Fabulously wealthy people have a much better strategy for having it all: money, harmonious relationships, the right connections, the right opportunities, and more. It’s not so much that they do things differently; it’s that they have a different psychology.

Now you can get the tools you need so that you can replicate this psychology and achieve wealth beyond your wildest dreams, in Wealth Magnet: Principles of Wealth Attraction.

This is breakthrough information that’s tested and measured – a system that can be applied by anyone. For instance, when Dolf de Roos, a successful real estate investor and author of the Wealth Magnet began teaching his real estate students the foundational beliefs that all rich people share, his student’s success rate went from 5 percent to over 80 percent!

Now, in Wealth Magnet, you can apply this same knowledge to grow rich in any field. For example, you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s crucial to get rid of destructive beliefs like “Money is the root of all evil,” “Money can’t buy you happiness,” and “Rich people get wealthy at the expense of the poor,” and replace them with empowering beliefs like “Money gives me choices”, “I will make a ton of money, have fun doing it, and be generous with it”.
  • The critical difference between an abundance mentality and a scarcity mentality- and how to develop and apply an abundance mentality right away.
  • Why scrimping and saving is a “defensive” strategy to grow wealth – and why it’s much better to expand your opportunities and create wealth in abundance.
  • How your newfound “millionaire mindset” will make every aspect of your life richer – you’ll discover more opportunities to create value, to make contributions to others, and to express gratitude for the abundance you already have in your life.
  • The difference between good and bad debt – and how to use debt to your advantage, rather than being a victim of it.

Dolf will cover everything – from what rich people think about work/life balance…economic conditions and world events, lifestyle, running a business…career success…parenting and more…so you know how to handle every life situation like a fabulously wealthy person! And in so doing, you’ll soon find yourself attracting more money, more opportunities, and more time for your family than you ever dreamed was possible. And it’s truly as simple as adopting the psychology of the mega-rich!

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Dolf De Roos




5 hrs and 32 mins

Narrated by

Dolf De Roos

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Nightingale-Conant: Wealth & Finance


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