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Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Safety Rules Audiobook

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Safety Rules Audiobook


by Mohammed Azzam

  • Narrated by: Kelly Cleckler
  • Length: 33 mins
  • Release date: 05-11-19
  • Language: English


Can you, virtual reality user or augmented reality user play your favorite game after drinking a large bottle of tequila? This audiobook discusses the golden safety rules for you as a virtual reality or augmented reality user from best practice point of view not from manufacturing point of view! It tells you what those virtual reality or augmented reality companies won’t tell you or they will lose money if they told you! But someone must tell you! If you are interested, you may continue reading:

To keep this audiobook as simple as possible we will adopt the Hollywood style version of virtual reality and augmented reality that’s to say we will discuss those golden safety rules as a Hollywood director would discuss them in a documentary movie for the sake of simplicity only, we will talk here about virtual reality games and augmented reality games only for sake of simplicity too leaving virtual reality media or augmented reality media a side as those can only be judged right if content has been watched! The previously mentioned virtual reality media means movies or sports etc. while augmented reality media means press or books etc.

This book adopts best practice point of view and discusses how it conflicts with software engineering point of view or in other words Manufacturing point of view, actually this audiobook is about “Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Timeline Theory” which is a social theory this book adopts, don’t worry this book is as simple as watching a movie, so we will start in the next section by a Hollywood style definition for both virtual reality and augmented reality, but they are true definitions.

This book introduces a social theory called “Humanity Timeline Theory” in part two: let’s consider an LCD, yes that LCD you use at home to watch your favorite programs and serials! Let’s look at what it consists of? It’s made of a screen which is glass, glass is made of sand. Also, it is made of some chips which are made of silicon, silicon is sand. Your LCD includes some printed circuits that’s made of copper and plastic, plastic is a polymer that’s made of oil. This concludes that the main raw material that your LCD is made of are: sand, copper, oil, and may be some gold!
Don’t you think that this raw material isn’t there on earth since the stone age?

Yes, those raw material used to make your own LCD particularly were on Earth since the stone age, so why that stone age man couldn’t make himself an LCD or did he make himself an LCD, but we don’t know? This audiobook answers this question. If you are interested, you may start reading part two. 

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Mohammed Azzam




33 mins

Narrated by

Kelly Cleckler

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