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Traitor to Hero Audiobook

Traitor to Hero Audiobook


by Lazaro Droznes

  • Narrated by: Jack Williams
  • Length: 55 mins
  • Release date: 06-08-19
  • Language: English

The incredible story of Han van Meegeren, the Dutch painter who produced faked Vermeers, fooled his Dutch fellowmen, sold one to Herman Goering, and finally had to confess his forgeries to save himself from the death penalty when he was accused for high treason. After the trial he became a national hero for cheating the Nazis.

Han van Meegeren, was a Dutch painter who during World War II who painted copies – considered as better than the originals – of Vermeers, cheated the entire artistic community and even Herman Goering, and finally had to confess his fakes to save himself from the high treason charges for dealing with the enemy.  

This dramatic fiction is based on the impressive story of Han van Meegeren in the 1930s and during the Second World War, who managed to forge and sell six Vermeers and two Franz Hals for an updated amount of 100 million dollars. One of the Vermeers was purchased by Herman Goering, second in the hierarchy of the Third Reich. At the end of World War II, van Meegeren had to face the accusation of being a traitor to the country and had to confess his forgery to save his life.

These confessions were an earthquake in the pictorial community of Holland and the whole world, since their falsifications had been accepted unanimously, and one of them, the “Christ in Emmaus” was considered the best Vermeer of them all. 

This fiction, based on real events, leads us to reflect on the concept of authenticity in art and the validity of traditional concepts of truth and beauty: Is a painting no longer beautiful when it is discovered as a forgery? Why do people lose interest in a work of art if it is not authentic? Why won’t human nature allow us to enjoy the aesthetics of a fake Vermeer when we enjoyed it before finding out? Is the art business a hoax?  

Purchase this book to find out how a Dutch fooled the Nazis and became a national hero! 

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Lazaro Droznes




55 mins

Narrated by

Jack Williams

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