Time Travel audiobook cover art
Time Travel Audiobook

Time Travel Audiobook


by Gabriel Ramirez

  • Narrated by: Conroy Washington
  • Length: 1 hr and 12 mins
  • Release date: 02-07-20
  • Language: English

When we watch a home video of the past, we are going back in time to remember special events that affect us now. Sometimes we wish we could go back and change specific moments that we regret doing at the time to our loved ones that are no longer here. According to Einstein, the faster speed of light will create a vortex of events and allows the ability to go to past events. Can we go back in time to save a loved one, so they can be with us longer like say you still want to alter time to an event one was near death but a couple of days before this person’s end? Can you save them before they die, and how would it help if it was as this person never died, or would it be like that person faked her, his death, remember they never died?

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Gabriel Ramirez

Narrated by

Conroy Washington


1 hr and 12 mins


The Aegis of Merlin, Book 1-4

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