These Lesbian Cops Love to Pull Sexy Women Over audiobook cover art
These Lesbian Cops Love to Pull Sexy Women Over Audiobook

These Lesbian Cops Love to Pull Sexy Women Over Audiobook


by R. Galang

  • Narrated by: K. Krutz
  • Length: 1 hr and 8 mins
  • Release date: 03-18-14
  • Language: English

1. “Jenna Gets Pulled Over by a Lesbian Cop”

2. “Officer Anna Just Loves Pulling Over Sexy Women”

3. “She Makes Her Spread Out on the Hood”

4. “Sexy Blonde Gets Pulled Over by Sammy”

5. “Large Black Female Cop Loves Pulling Over Blondes”

6. “Blonde Cop Dana Pulls Over Asian Woman Lilly”

7. “Female Motorcycle Cop Pulls Mandy Over”

Mandy swore under her breath as she pulled over. As soon as she stopped, she started pawing desperately through her purse for her license. The bike cop pulled up behind her and dismounted; she didn’t need to see the woman’s face to know she was a bitch that meant business. It was in her build, her movement, her everything. She was all uniform and boots and helmet; she was not to be messed with.

By the time the officer made it to Mandy’s window, the woman was fumbling with the catch for the glove box. While the uniformed figure outside watched impassively, the box popped open and a torrent of papers and other odds and ends spilled out. Mandy dug through the heap and swore under her breath.

“I swear I have my registration here. Just – I just need a second or two….”

“What’s that?” Mandy’s vision was redirected with the casual pointing of one of the cop’s fingers.

“What’s what?”

“In the baggie.”

“Oh, that- I…” The blonde in the car pulled a face while she tried to think. “I- I don’t know?”

“May I search your vehicle?” And there was no taking no for an answer.

Mandy slid out of the car and was immediately taken by the arm. “Turn around. Hands on the hood of your car – and if you even think about moving…”

There was no need for her to finish the threat. She clamped her fingers down more tightly on the slight woman’s arm to properly embed the message.

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R. Galang

Narrated by

K. Krutz


1 hr and 8 mins

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