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Teeth Healing Through Oil Pulling Audiobook

Teeth Healing Through Oil Pulling Audiobook


by Tammi Diamond

  • Narrated by: Miranda Crandall
  • Length: 39 mins
  • Release date: 07-14-15
  • Language: English


An introduction to oil pulling.

What would you say if someone asked you to wash your mouth with oil? “Honestly, that sounds disgusting and greasy, so I’m quite uninterested in doing that to my very own mouth. I feed myself through it – and who wants to feel slime all over his or her mouth?” But when I learned about a therapy that uses oil to cure diseases and oral problems, I admit I was only a little bit fascinated, until I discovered all the benefits it could provide.

Let me tell you that this kind of therapy requires you to be patient and responsible.

I read a story about an Indian man whose teeth were rattling, which caused extreme pain through his head and jaw. The dentist told him that the rot was too deep, so he needed his teeth extracted. He was afraid to undergo the extraction until six months later, when his friend came to him and said that he knew about an alternative therapist who prescribes sunflower oil as mouthwash. The man needed no extraction and kept all 32 of his teeth intact!

If you don’t know what oil therapy is about, join us as we discover the health benefits of oil pulling together.

The brainchild of this wonderful therapy is Dr. F. Karach, who suggests rinsing the gums and the teeth very carefully with a tablespoon of any vegetable oil. A person must do it very slowly for a good 15 to 20 minutes, three times a day, with an empty stomach.

At first, the oil hisses viciously inside your mouth, but as the body’s digestive juices dilute it, it becomes thin and white. When the oil becomes milky in color, you should spit it out and immediately brush your teeth. Dr. Karach studied the gargled oil under a 600 magnification microscope and discovered live organisms bathing in it. He warns that the oil is poisonous, so you should never swallow it. The said, the poisons are bacteria embryos that, if not eradicated, could cause viruses and infections.

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39 mins

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