Small Business: First-Time Business Owner Manual Audiobook By Adam Richards cover art
Small Business: First-Time Business Owner Manual Audiobook

Small Business: First-Time Business Owner Manual Audiobook


by Adam Richards

  • Narrated by: Steve Peck
  • Length: 51 mins
  • Release date: 05-22-19
  • Language: English

Discover the huge potential of making it “big” with a “small” business in this comprehensive and to-the-point beginner’s guide!

In Small Business: First-Time Business Owner Manual: How to Start a Small Business – A Practical 10 Step Action Plan, you will find just how easy it is to get on the right track when it comes to leveraging that big “small business idea” of yours towards the greatest degree of success. You will learn exactly how the “small” things in life are really the “biggest” when you see the dreams you have envisioned unfold right before your eyes.

You will learn how to make sure you have just the right “idea” for that business of yours. You will see that it all really begins with a single thought, and it must be powerful enough if you are to give wings to that fledgling business of yours in the making. You will come to see there is a real and validated approach you need to take, in order to ensure the idea of yours is indeed rock solid to build the foundation of your dream business on.

You will learn all about the indispensable research that needs to go into that business of yours long before its inception, and the process of making sure you are most “prepared” for any sort of eventuality that might occur when your business is on the floor. You will learn all about how you need to set forth towards procuring the much needed financing that will be required for your business, while at the same time paying heed to having an appropriate “business structure”, which might not really seem all that important at first glance but can change the entire profitability of your business in the time to come.

Finally, you will learn about the much-touted marketing methods that are essential in ensuring your business is taken a few notches higher by giving it the much-needed visibility it requires, and how you can make a virtual killing by making sure you get the best possible location for your business. You will see how all these small “steps” go forth into forming the “staircase” that ultimately takes your business to the top, ensuring all you have ever dreamed about does indeed come true!

Here is a quick preview of what’s inside….

  • Step one – Idea generation
  • Step two – Proper and solid research
  • Step three – The business plan
  • Step four – Getting your finances in order
  • Step five – Choosing a business structure
  • Step six – Selecting and registering your business name
  • Step seven – Necessary licenses and permits
  • Step eight – Location, location, location
  • Step nine – Choosing an accounting system
  • Step ten – Promoting and marketing your small business

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51 mins

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