Peeling Back the Layers of the Mind Audiobook By Michael Austin Jacobs cover art
Peeling Back the Layers of the Mind Audiobook

Peeling Back the Layers of the Mind Audiobook


by Michael Austin Jacobs

  • Narrated by: Dan Hegstad
  • Length: 1 hr
  • Release date: 10-29-14
  • Language: English

Peeling Back the Layers of the Mind is an audiobook about one man’s perspective regarding the layers of human consciousness. By elevating levels of consciousness, the author has been able to change the direction of his life and manifest his desires. Within this audiobook lies the secrets the author has used to create the life he desires.

This book is a discussion regarding different layers of human consciousness and how you can use meditation to escalate through these layers quicker. Meditation can play a very powerful and important role in a person’s development. Through mindfulness practices such as meditation and yoga, one can develop a key sense of the unknown, which can act as a guide in progression towards life’s purpose. This audiobook gives a detailed description of what each human being experiences at each level of consciousness. As one raises their level of awareness, they begin to experience life at a different level. This increase in awareness creates a perspective shift for the individual.

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Michael Austin Jacobs




1 hr

Narrated by

Dan Hegstad

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