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How to Talk to Teens Audiobook
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How to Talk to Teens Audiobook



by Joe Carney

  • Narrated by: KC Wayman
  • Length: 3 hrs and 4 mins
  • Release date: 02-03-20
  • Language: English


Have you noticed that your sweet little son has become rebellious and impossible to manage? Is it becoming increasingly difficult to reach an agreement and every misunderstanding turns into a fight? Do you just not know what is going on with your teenager? Do you wish they would confide in you more? Where has the family life gone? Do you want to get a sense of closeness and calm back into your home? 

Don’t be scared, your son is becoming a teenager. 

Like any parent, you find it hard to accept that your little baby is growing so fast. Until a few years ago, you were able to keep him under control, and he was the most obedient child in the world. But lately, you’ve started to notice changes. He has changed his way of dressing, he wants to look bigger to impress his friends, and he no longer respects the rules of the house.

I want to reassure you – your child has no problem at all. He is only undergoing a series of changes – both physical and mental – that can confuse him and find him unprepared. His behavior is only his way of reacting to these changes.

Your role is essential at this stage in his life. You have the task of guiding him and directing him to the right path, otherwise it could assume attitudes that could create problems in the future. The choices that are made during adolescence will affect his whole life.

If you now feel worried and bewildered, this audiobook is what you need. Whether you have a teen who is struggling with exam pressure, a young adult who hasn’t settled into university life, or you are curious about what lies ahead for your younger child, this audiobook will help you to build your child’s confidence and resilience, so they can become a strong, happy, and independent adult.

In this book, the author reveals what exactly people need to do to help teenagers and young adults in this new world and how to manage problems along the way.

It includes: 

  • An overview of the pressures and problems facing this generation of young people – why are they increasingly stressed, anxious, or suffering from mental health issues
  • Things that parents can do to help their teens and young adults become healthily independent, navigate challenges, and flourish in preparation for adult life
  • Ways how pastoral care at universities and workplaces is changing and what a parent’s role could and should be
  • Ways to recognize the signs of mental health distress and what to do about it, particularly dealing with problems from a distance

In this audiobook, book you will discover:

  • How to improve your relationship with your teenager.
  • How to develop a better honest connection with your teenager.
  • What is the best way to teach your teenager about useful life skills
  • How to raise a responsible teenager
  • What are the challenges you’ll faces when you talk to a teenager
  • What are some tips for communicating with your teen
  • What are the four secret methods of talking to a teenager
  • How to develop relationship skills in teenagers
  • How to motivate teenagers
  • And much more!

This is not only a theoretical book; inside this book you will find practical situations of daily life with the right method to deal with them. 

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Joe Carney




3 hrs and 4 mins

Narrated by

KC Wayman

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