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How to Get Over a Breakup Forever Audiobook

How to Get Over a Breakup Forever Audiobook


by Brittany Hallison

  • Narrated by: Tia Sorensen
  • Length: 31 mins
  • Release date: 12-04-15
  • Language: English


Get Over a Breakup – Forever!

Can’t stop thinking about your ex?

Are you struggling to return to your normal day-to-day life after a breakup?

Feel like you simply cannot go on with how life was before the relationship?

This audiobook is your complete guide to how to move on from a relationship breakup and move on with your life!

Most people will have to go through several romantic partners until they find the person they settle with -which can involve several heavy and difficult romantic breakups. It is not uncommon during a breakup to feel uncontrollably angry or sad or a myriad of other powerful unwanted emotions.

This helpful guide exists to aid you in dealing with the emotional process – what kind of emotions you can expect, how you should interpret them, and the steps you can take to move forward.

Learn practical advice on how to really feel your feelings, accept your own individual journey, and develop your unique coping methods.

A small preview of what you’ll learn:

  • How to gain hold of your emotions
  • Best tips to manage your emotions skillfully
  • Recognize the characteristic emotions of a breakup
  • Understand your own unique emotional pattern
  • How to identify shock
  • Top strategies to remain objective
  • Seven practical tips and techniques to put into practice
  • The importance of acceptance
  • The power to reestablish yourself
  • Much, much more!

Do you want to get over your breakup and move on with your life once and for all?

Take action toward a healthy and fresh new life right now!

Bonus sneak preview of best-selling book Letting Go included!

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Brittany Hallison




31 mins

Narrated by

Tia Sorensen

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