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Google Adwords and Analytics for Beginners Audiobook
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Google Adwords and Analytics for Beginners Audiobook



by John Scaglia

  • Narrated by: Gill Mills
  • Length: 6 hrs and 19 mins
  • Release date: 03-16-20
  • Language: English

Have you always wondered how companies make constant big sales? Do you know ads can generate income for your business?

Do you want to know how companies know what you want to buy from the data they analyse? Do you want to know how to extract data from your ads through analysis?

Book 1

Passive income is a function of knowing exactly what to do to earn and tweaking it to work for you almost constantly as if on a loop.

Especially if you run a business or and you wish to earn more than what’s coming to your pocket right now.

But increased income in such spaces on the internet needs growth to be effective, and what better way to grow your customer base than with ads?

This book offers expert insights on ads specifically Google Adwords using PPC – Pay Per Click – marketing and also YouTube ads, so as to expand your business and brand, increase sales, and ultimately lead to creating a passive source of income for you.

Within this book, you’ll find insights on:

  • Starting: detailed explanations as to how ads work on the two platforms in view; the various types of ads, how to create and develop your account.
  • Settings: what to do to make sure your account tells the two platforms how you want your ads to be run and the parameters you want to set in place.
  • Optimisation: how to use your accounts to drive your ads to achieve success, what to do when things aren’t going as planned, and how to reach the right audience.

There are other delicious tricks and hacks that guarantee substantial conversions and sales as well as how to stay afloat, above your competition.

Furthermore, these are not to be missed in the book; the free tools that enable the above to function effectively for your website, provide an adequate number of CTRs – Click Through Rates – and your money’s worth for clicks.

Book 2

Growth of business is driven by understanding how your customers think. In understanding the factors that affect customer behavior and choice patterns, analysis is needed. Especially for online businesses, mostly if you’re running, plan to run, or have just concluded an advertising campaign on either Google or YouTube.

Analysis, more specifically advertising analysis, is key to understanding weak points, choke points, and strong points for ads in a campaign because it leads to improvement on areas that are lacking power and also increasing effort on areas that are doing pretty well.

This book offers in-depth knowledge on analysis using Google Analytics. It takes the eye of the beginner into great care and consideration in order to analyze and understand PPC campaigns on Google and YouTube and how to make reports off them and use the data to improve business strategies.

The book offers these:

  • Startup; providing information on what Google Analytics is, why you need it, and how to set up your account.
  • Familiarisation; engaging you the listener with what analytical reports are, the various forms they appear in, and how to analyse PPC campaigns.

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John Scaglia




6 hrs and 19 mins

Narrated by

Gill Mills, Ryan Barrie

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