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Get Healthy: The Middle-Aged Man’s Survival Guide Audiobook

Get Healthy: The Middle-Aged Man’s Survival Guide Audiobook


by Zackary Richards

  • Narrated by: Zackary Richards
  • Length: 1 hr and 42 mins
  • Release date: 05-18-15
  • Language: English

You look in the mirror then at the scale and don’t like what you see. More lines, more wrinkles, and more bulk at the waistline. You’ve tried diets and exercise only to gain it all back – and then some.

And that’s more dangerous than you realize.

You’re middle-aged and not interested in diets and exercises designed for men in their 20s and 30s.

You want to get back into condition. Want to look and feel like you did 10 to 15 years ago. But without the tasteless foods and bone-jarring exercises.

Well, you can, and it’s a lot easier than you’ve been led to believe. These fitness gurus and diet doctors create unrealistic diet demands and exercise regimens that are IMPOSSIBLE to stick with. You’re not looking to compete in the next Olympics or the Mr. America contest.

In Get Healthy: The Middle-aged Man’s Survival Guide, you’ll learn what foods and snacks are literally making you sick, gain weight, and look old. What’s raising your blood pressure, increasing your risk of Alzheimer’s and type 2 diabetes, clogging your arteries? And what foods are laced with additives that extend their shelf lives but shorten yours? I’ll show you how to repair the damage, reverse the process, and start looking and feeling healthy again and lose weight in the process. Plus simple exercises tailor made for middle-aged men.

Serious about putting off that first heart attack or stroke? Then here’s where you start.

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Zackary Richards




1 hr and 42 mins

Narrated by

Zackary Richards

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