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Get Happiness! Be happy and enjoy life by Hypnosis Audiobook

Get Happiness! Be happy and enjoy life by Hypnosis Audiobook


by Kim Fleckenstein

  • Narrated by: Cathy Weber
  • Length: 56 mins
  • Release date: 11-05-13
  • Language: English

There are innumerable happiness advisers. What almost all have in common is the message that we create happiness in our minds. However, in order to experience more moments of happiness or to intensify your feelings of happiness and joy in life, it is not enough to simply flip on the “happiness switch” in your mind. Knowledge must be manifested in your subconscious mind in order for it to function sustainably.

Thanks to hypnosis, this is much easier and faster than you think! With the “Get Happiness!”, you will succeed in releasing the old and making room for joy, ease and happiness through many joy-giving affirmations. You will soon discover for yourself how the program supports you in feeling happier and experiencing more joy in life. The hypnotic and relaxation techniques within this program help you to relax deeply. Targeted affirmations on happiness speak to your subconscious, and you internalise these messages effortlessly. So, in everyday life, you remember more frequently and with ever increasing speed what it feels like to be happy. With your mental attitude reoriented towards happiness, you will also “draw more happy moments into your life” and feel noticeably more joie de vivre.

“Get Happiness!” was designed by well-known German Hypnotherapist Kim Fleckenstein who is a certified alternative practitioner in psychotherapy and NLP-Master-Coach. Her unique technique and self experiences have helped to create the special character and heart of her recordings. Together with professional and native speaker Cathy Weber she also publishes her programs in English.

Do not listen to this program while operating a motor vehicle or during any other activity that requires your full attention. This program does not replace a doctor or any other medical aids. The best effect can be achieved by listening to this program once a day over a period of 4 weeks.

The audiobook consists of two chapters. You can choose either to listen to the book with a wake-up phase (chapter 1) or if you wish to fall asleep just listen to chapter 2.

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Kim Fleckenstein




56 mins

Narrated by

Cathy Weber

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