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Driver 8 Audiobook
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Driver 8 Audiobook



by G. Michael Hopf

  • Narrated by: Guy Williams
  • Length: 8 hrs and 14 mins
  • Release date: 12-14-17
  • Language: English


Nineteen years have past since a nuclear world war wiped out the United States, leaving nothing but charred and ruined cities. Out of the ashes, small pockets of survivors banded together to forge new societies in the few areas not ravaged by the nuclear holocaust. One community has not only risen but thrived. Known as The Collective, they pride themselves on an orderly system of government with a functioning infrastructure. The citizenry owe their success to their founder The Number One, who presides over them with an iron fist. Life in The Collective centers on contribution and purpose. All are assigned responsibilities and if one cannot fulfill them, they are cast out. The most coveted but dangerous responsibility is that of a driver. Drivers ride the lonely and barren roads scavenging and exploring the outer reaches. Over the years only one has emerged as a legend, and his name is Driver 8.

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G. Michael Hopf




8 hrs and 14 mins

Narrated by

Guy Williams

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