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Commonalities Audiobook
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Commonalities Audiobook



by Neil Allan

  • Narrated by: Parker Davis
  • Length: 3 hrs and 25 mins
  • Release date: 08-13-15
  • Language: English

Commonalities takes the reader through the obstacles that destroy partnerships by means of social media, mobile phones, the internet and TV. Because of over-usage of electronic devices, genuine communication skills are all but lost. Face to face verbal encounters enhance and tighten relationships through body language, facial expressions and open conversation. When texting is substituted for a real conversation then the essential emotional responses are non-existent. The author details these observations by discussing a subject that is relevant in today’s world of technology.

When someone meets a person who draws their interest, they have the desire to get to know them better. If this first meeting is one on one with two people physically near one another then it will not take long to determine a few initial mutual interests they may have.

If, on the other hand, they have first encountered this person through online dating sites they may think they are getting to know that person but in fact, there is no assurance they are receiving valid information about him or her. If this line of “getting to know the person” is pursued it can be a rude awakening when they finally meet face to face and find one or both have been disillusioned from the beginning.

When we meet a person first-hand we may decide to further the relationship but somehow we slip from personally speaking with them to communicating through means of social media. Slowly, but surely we draw apart rather than closer. Commonalities shows how the dating process can proceed in a positive manner when we reach out to find mutual interests in each other without the use of electronic means. We look at the hobbies and interests the other person has and determine if we are compatible in the same things. Besides the outward interests we note innate virtues of the other.

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Neil Allan




3 hrs and 25 mins

Narrated by

Parker Davis

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