Collection of Children's Stories Audiobook By Advit Seth, Tarun Seth cover art
Collection of Children’s Stories Audiobook

Collection of Children’s Stories Audiobook


by Advit Seth

  • Narrated by: Tanu Seth
  • Length: 31 mins
  • Release date: 07-22-20
  • Language: English

The world is made of stories that give children the magical wings to visit an imaginary world. While enjoying the stories, they also learn new things much before they experience them in real life. 

This audiobook has a collection of short stories that I narrated to my nine-year-old as bedtime stories and motivated him to write the summary down the very next day before we could forget it. Once we decided to publish it, we edited them together in multiple rounds. 

I believe that the stories create a lasting impression and design the way of thinking. Stories always help the kids in their decision-making and live somewhere within them for many, many years as a treasure. While storytelling, I ensured the blend of fun, wise thinking and human values. 

If you love Aesop’s Fables and Akbar-Birbal kind of tales, you will sure love this set of modern small stories that make more sense in today’s world!

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Advit Seth, Tarun Seth




31 mins

Narrated by

Tanu Seth

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