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Boy Wonders Audiobook

Boy Wonders Audiobook


by Cathal Kelly

  • Narrated by: Cathal Kelly
  • Length: 6 hrs and 15 mins
  • Release date: 09-18-18
  • Language: English

“The most fascinating things about life are the banalities we so rarely discuss amongst ourselves but that we devote most of our energies to navigating. How did that day you’ve forgotten look? What did it feel like? Were you lonely? Did you have the sense you were progressing anywhere? Probably not. Yet string a few thousand of them together and that’s a life.” – From Boy Wonders

Cathal Kelly grew up in the ’70s and ’80s, decades when dressing like Michael Jackson seemed like a good idea and The Beachcombers – “an adventure show about logging” – seemed to make sense. But apart from fashion missteps and baffling TV plot lines, Kelly’s youth was a time of wonder, obsession, and discovery. Navigating an often fraught family life, Kelly sought refuge in books, music, movies, games, and at least one backyard hole. However, looking back he sees that his passion for George Orwell, Star Wars, or The Smiths was never just about the book, movie, or band. Rather, it was about the promise each new experience offered him in making sense of the world, and how he might find a home within it.

By turns funny, elegiac, and insightful, Boy Wonders is an unvarnished celebration of growing up and stumbling toward identity. It’s about the good and the bad of those brief years when we find purpose without end, obsession without limit, and joy in the strangest of places.

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Cathal Kelly




6 hrs and 15 mins

Narrated by

Cathal Kelly

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