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Arkeepers: Episode Two: Angeliks Audiobook
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Arkeepers: Episode Two: Angeliks Audiobook



by W. J. Madsen

  • Narrated by: Nicholas Santasier
  • Series: Arkeepers, Book 2
  • Length: 5 hrs and 16 mins
  • Release date: 05-08-19
  • Language: English

What these Angelik children – Jake and Alexa Moustachio, do not know, is that they belong to the most cherished of all families…The Moustachios have been, and will always be, the Keepers of the Universe – Angelik Arkeepers to be exact, those special enough to be chosen to watch over all that is, was, and will be, and to protect all the secrets of the universe from the Deminion Darkeepers, who would dare do it harm. It is those individuals who are evil enough to challenge what is pure, who will awaken the unsuspecting powers that lie within the mystical magnifying glass willed to the young sleuths by their beloved grandfather. This magnifying glass, of ancient Egyptian crystals, is able to transport the young detectives to worlds within hidden dimensions of the cosmos. Two ark-magnifying glasses, two keys of life, one ancient box, and their grandpa’s journal are all that stand in the way of saving the universe from its impending doom. Secrets are revealed, and lies are told on the other side of their grandfather’s magnifying glass. And only Jake Moustachio, his sister Alexa, and their outrageous pets are the chosen ones to unravel all that there is – to unravel! 


An ancient castle; two food-fighting and knife-throwing culinary queens; A fidgety Timekeeper; one temperamental moose head; five renegade ghostly knights, the mystical magnifying glass; stolen time; the power hungry baron; a volatile mounted pink elephant head; one gutsy boy; his oh-so-sassy sister; a date with destiny…and their pussycat!


A wild western frontier; two bickering and jibber jabbing old goats; a blue ribbon and tiara wearing pig; one washed up beauty queen; kidnapped cows; an age-old family recipe; the lovesick weeping bull; treacherous archenemy ranchers; hunting for buried treasure; the sinister baron; one plucky girl; the oh-so-brave brother; her scatterbrained guinea pig; a twist of fate…and their pussycat! 


Deciphering a cryptic sandstone puzzle; the storm of the century; one double-talking ostrich head; a quacking one-eyed duck; cursed cantankerous baby pirates; three unscrupulous wise-guy sea monkeys; a stolen mystical conch shell; the devil’s triangle; racing across the seven seas; one phony journal; the megalomaniac baron; the mystery-solving siblings; two oh-so-feisty felines; an unforeseen future…and their guinea pig!


An ancient Egyptian secret; the great pyramids of the worlds; three half-witted and overly-catnipped sphynx kitties; the all hallows eve masquerade ball; a conniving mummy; disguised demonic andand poisoning villains; one abducted fluttery canary; a busybody & overly-plump pet psychic; the missing key of life; three double-crossing leprechauns; one guardian pussycat; the oh-so-spirited siblings; nine lives to live…and their guinea pig!

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W. J. Madsen




5 hrs and 16 mins

Narrated by

Nicholas Santasier

Release date



Arkeepers, Book 2


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