Alexander the Great: History’s Greatest Conquerors Audiobook

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by Walter J. Scott

  • Narrated by: David Washington
  • Length: 1 hr and 52 mins
  • Release date: 08-16-18
  • Language: English


One of the world’s greatest conquerors that ever was, Alexander the Great never lost a battle and built one of the largest empires. Discover his military brilliance and what lead to his early death.

After listening to this audiobook, in an hour or so, you will know everything about the life and legacy of Alexander the Great!

The man who would become known as Alexander the Great was only on this planet for 32 years, but within that finite span of time, he managed to conquer a large portion of it. His empire spanned from ancient Greece all the way to India, and if he had lived just a little bit longer, it no doubt would have expanded even farther. In many ways, Alexander was the first world conqueror and empire builder. In many ways, Alexander of Macedon laid the foundation for the Roman Empire.

Alexander was the one who planted the seeds of a united Hellenistic culture, and many of the lands he incorporated into his empire – such as Egypt, Greece, Israel, and Turkey – would become part of the later Roman and Byzantine empires. In his short time on this Earth, Alexander left his mark wherever he went. The second biggest city in Egypt, Alexandria, bears his name to this day as testament to his – for lack of a better word – greatness.

But the last few years of his life were as turbulent as they were successful. He had dragged an army over 17,000 miles across the known world, fighting all manner of enemies, intrigues, and climates. To the end, he never really lost a battle – but he did lose to the bottle. His end was nowhere near as glorious as his conquests: He was found dead of alcohol poisoning.

How is it this great leader, who had survived so much, could succumb to a bottle of hard liquor? Listen to this audiobook to find out.

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1 hr and 52 mins

Narrated by

David Washington


Walter J. Scott


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