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Zero Stress Prosperity Audiobook

Zero Stress Prosperity Audiobook


by Dan Kass

  • Narrated by: Dan Kass
  • Length: 46 mins
  • Release date: 05-07-14
  • Language: English


Do you wake up in the morning full of energy and excitement, looking forward to what you’ve planned for the day and the surprises that might be in store? Do you feel like you are thriving instead of striving? Do you feel blessed with good fortune? In short, are you experiencing what’s known in eastern cultures as prosperity?

The bad news is that most people can’t answer yes to any of these. The good news is that the ultimate goal of the four part Zero Stress Coaching Series is to help you join the small minority who can say yes to all of these and more.

At some point we grow up feeling like something is missing, something is not quite right. For many, each success is fleeting and happiness is still nowhere in sight.

Zero Stress Prosperity is the forth part in The Zero Stress Coaching Series. After you have started reducing your stress with The Zero Stress Diet and have let go of some of the baggage from the past with Zero Stress Relationships, you’ll find that you lighten up. You smile more. You see the world in a less threatening way. Things start to get fun again.

Then as you learn to trust your intuition with Zero Stress Transitions, a door is opened that allows you to get a better view of your life. Without the constant anxiety, you can create a future that’s compelling enough to get you out of bed every morning with a smile.

Zero Step Prosperity offers you a step-by-step guide to find the meaning in my life right now and use it to make your life more prosperous than you ever dreamed.

Enjoy the Kindle or audiobook version of Zero Stress Prosperity and start creating your most compelling future today!

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46 mins

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Dan Kass

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