Your Renewed Soul: 5 Methods to Change and Grow Your Soul is an incredible audiobook devoted to supporting you in your spiritual growth. This work is filled with five unique concepts that are not commonly talked about in popular media and texts. Learning new insights and concepts beyond simply seeing things from a variety of new perspectives ensures you see all aspects of the bigger picture and not just the bigger picture of the same concepts.

The following five concepts are what we will discover and explore in-depth in this audiobook: 

  • Accepting your role. In this audiobook, you will learn about the importance of accepting your role in your spiritual path. While the path you choose and what it represents is important, you will never experience true growth if you do not properly accept your role in the process. Accepting your role is beyond simply devoting to the physical actions of each practice. It also requires you to mentally assume the role so you can truly commit to the growth that comes from within. 
  • Standing by your truth. Each of us is born bearing our own “truth”. This truth is what we use to experience the world around us. It is this truth that enables us to form opinions, interpret our lives, and choose actions that align with our soul-purpose in life. If you are unsure about what your truth is, we will explore practices you can take to discover your truth and how you can develop the confidence to stand by it. 
  • There are no mistakes. All too often, people miss out on the opportunity to grow because they write things off as “mistakes”. If we were each to look back at our cycles of “mistakes” in life, however, we would likely recognize that many of the same circumstances, beliefs, or choices lead up to those “mistakes” happening. When we delete the word “mistake” from our dialogue altogether, we begin to hold ourselves accountable for what we do and the actions we take. 
  • Breaking ancestral cycles. Ancestral cycles can keep us locked into actions, beliefs, and behavioral patterns throughout our lifetimes. When we are unaware of how they are affecting us or where they are leaking in, it can lead us to practice ill-effective behaviors for a long time. You will learn about what ancestral cycles are and how you can break your cycles and start fresh. 
  • Optimism over positivity. Modern media advocates for being “positive” about everything, but the reality is that using positivity alone can actually inhibit growth. In this audiobook, you will learn about the difference between positivity and optimism and why you need to stop being “positive” about everything and start being optimistic instead. 

If you are ready to explore these concepts in detail, discover how they can support your growth, and learn how you can begin executing them in your own life, pick up your copy of Your Renewed Soul: 5 Methods to Change and Grow Your Soul today!

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Megan Dean




1 hr and 10 mins

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Diane Lehman

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