Your Maker Wants to Commune with You Audiobook By Michel A. Ambroise cover art
Your Maker Wants to Commune with You Audiobook

Your Maker Wants to Commune with You Audiobook


by Michel A. Ambroise

  • Narrated by: Nathan McMillan
  • Length: 59 mins
  • Release date: 12-24-19
  • Language: English


Does it seem like God is silent or distant from you? Are you faced with several challenges, and you just wish to talk to someone who cares and understands how you feel? Do you desire rest and satisfaction in this turbulent world? If yes, then, congratulations! You have finally found a precious jewel. 

Your time has come to repossess your place and position in life through the knowledge of the possibilities and opportunities in communing with God. God’s love is evident in his unrelenting desire for a relationship with you. There’s no doubt that God has brought you in contact with this book to help you move to a new level of intimacy with him. Brother Michel believes that everybody can hear the healing and life-changing voice of God. 

Therefore, join him as he brings you a step closer to exploring the life of Abraham, the friend of God, and the father of faith. You will be equipped to understand the dynamics of communion and dimensions of intimacy with God, as exemplified by Abraham. 

This book has been succinctly narrated to unveil the secrets behind the kind of peace, prosperity, and satisfaction that Abraham enjoyed because he chose a life of active communion with God. So, get ready to experience the awesome miracles, power, and potentials in knowing God intimately.

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Michel A. Ambroise




59 mins

Narrated by

Nathan McMillan

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