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Wishes and Concerns of a Treated Asthma Patient Audiobook

Wishes and Concerns of a Treated Asthma Patient Audiobook


by James M. Lowrance

  • Narrated by: James M. Lowrance
  • Length: 49 mins
  • Release date: 01-16-14
  • Language: English

Many asthma patients (for which I am one), experience ongoing struggles, with frequent changes in their lung function. In addition to dealing with ongoing symptoms of breathing distress and worsening attacks of symptoms that can be severe or even life-threatening, we also have the added fear of not knowing where our asthmatic conditions will take us in the future, as we grow older.

For listeners who are not asthma patients, I hope to convey to them an understanding of how our respiratory disorders can cause us genuine concerns and place a degree of limitations on our lives. Most of us know how to put on the brave face and to say the brave words from time to time and certainly we should remain as positive as we have the ability to be but as human beings, we all have our weak moments and frailties as well.

While we are not seeking pity, we do simply want a reasonable degree of understanding, from our family, our friends and especially from our treating doctors. The American Lung Association so amply states it this way, “When you can’t breathe nothing else matters.” It is my sincere hope that listeners will find some nuggets of inspiration in the words I offer from the chapters of this audiobook.

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49 mins

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James M. Lowrance

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