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Wiser Audiobook

Wiser Audiobook


by Stephen Martin

  • Narrated by: Stephen Martin
  • Length: 2 hrs and 54 mins
  • Release date: 09-25-19
  • Language: English


Richer. Winner. Owner. Wealthier. Happier. 

Whenever we think about our finances, those are some of the words that usually come to mind. If you want to be a winner in this world, you need to have a big house, a big car, and a big paycheck. Right? Everyone thinks that having more money and owning more stuff naturally makes you happier in life. 

But what if everyone is wrong? What if happiness isn’t really tied to the number of things you possess, the size of your bank account, or what you can claim ownership over in this life? What if there was a better way to build and manage your finances that would bring you real satisfaction, help make sure your needs were met, and give you abundantly more? What if the key to becoming happier with our personal finances and possessions was found in just one word? Wiser

Building wealth and leaving a legacy that makes a real impact in this world isn’t just about becoming richer. It’s about becoming Wiser. It’s about understanding four important biblical principles and applying them practically in our lives. As we learn and practice the four foundational truths presented in this book, we’ll discover that building and stewarding our resources God’s way will bring us true and lasting wealth.

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Stephen Martin




2 hrs and 54 mins

Narrated by

Stephen Martin

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