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Wild Adventures Audiobook

Wild Adventures Audiobook


by Aurelia Hilton

  • Narrated by: Elizabeth Tebb
  • Length: 1 hr and 2 mins
  • Release date: 05-23-19
  • Language: English

It was time for two weeks of relaxation on a safari in Africa. These two weeks are a time in which I intended to completely forget about home and my job. I just wanted to clear my mind. And the best part? I was getting to do it away from my girlfriend.

She was too busy with her work to come with me. This was typical. My girlfriend was going to have a problem reaching me, anyway. My phone number was out of service, so she’d only be able to reach me online. 

Oh, well. That didn’t mean that I had to spend my trip alone. I consider myself pretty attractive, and there were women coming on the safari trip, too. I’d have to find a companion. 

I knew from the start of my journey that it would be an interesting one. I immediately saw her: a young, blonde, perky woman, probably in college. We didn’t know each other, but her body told me everything I needed to know.

The trip is just shaping up to be an amazing one when this woman, Wendy, shows her true colors. I’m left speechless. It’s clear that I’m going to have to fight to keep up with her incredible sex drive.

Wendy is the best at what she does in the night. But the truth about her is even dirtier than I ever thought it could be.

Warning: This book is part of Aurelia Hilton’s hot, sexy, and steamy romance novel. Things will get hot and steamy. Find out what happens a sexy lady like Wendy meets her prey, because it’s wild!

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Aurelia Hilton




1 hr and 2 mins

Narrated by

Elizabeth Tebb

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