Wicked Wives Audiobook By Cindy Jameson, Jane Kemp, Julie Bosso, Jessica Crocker, Nancy Brockton cover art
Wicked Wives Audiobook

Wicked Wives Audiobook


by Cindy Jameson

  • Narrated by: Victoria Lemon
  • Length: 1 hr and 14 mins
  • Release date: 03-23-20
  • Language: English


These slut wives don’t subscribe to the traditional one-cock view of marriage. Oh no; for these wives, swinger sex is a must. This scorching collection from Naughty Daydreams Press has wife share, wife swapping, and wife gangbang sex! There’s mmf threesome sex and even first lesbian sex. There’s nothing these wives won’t do to get off, and the results are good enough to eat!

  1. Gang Banging the Bride: Lacey’s Wedding Party (Wedding Sex) by Nancy Brockton
    Lacey is excited about her wedding, though she would rather have bought a house with all the money her parents are spending on the ceremony. Still, she’s content and happy with her new husband, Tony. Tony isn’t though. He’s going to make sure he can get a house for his bride, and all she’ll have to provide is her mouth, her throat, her pussy, and her tiny little ass. After all, what’s a little double penetration among friends at a bride gang bang?
  2. Me, My Husband, and the Redhead Whore (My Wife’s Secret Desires, Episode 4) (My Wife’s Secret Desires) by Jane Kemp
    Korrine is back, and her husband Max is ready to fulfill another one of the secret fantasies he discovered on her computer. This time, it’s a threesome with a woman, and he’s picked a stunner. She’s tall, gorgeous, and has flame red hair. Even better, she knows how to please a man, and maybe more importantly, a woman! Korrine will have her first lesbian sex during this husband share and will even get to see her lovely ginger redhead have a backdoor experience during her first threesome ever, her first anal threesome!
  3. What Would My Husband Think? (A Wife First Lesbian Sex Erotica Story, Episode 3) (The Lawyer’s Hot Wife) by Jessica Crocker
    Andi is back, and this sex-hungry slut wife wants her best friend, Allison, to share her first lesbian sex experience. You already know how well this horny housewife does with a man, but now you can see what Andi can do when she’s in the mood for a little bit of lesbian sex excitement. I wonder what Andi’s husband would think if he knew his hot wife was having lesbian sex.
  4. We Want Some of That: An Outdoor Slut Wife Gangbang Short (Wife Gangbangs) by Julie Bosso
    Celia is happy her husband finally gets his two best friends over for a barbecue. Everyone has been so busy lately that it seems like the get-togethers just don’t happen anymore. She didn’t expect that a chance problem with her dress would turn into an all-out wife gangbang! It does, though, complete with hard rough sex, her first anal sex, and double penetration!
  5. Swimming Swingers (Wife Sharing in the Pool, Episode 1) (Wife Swap Chronicles) by Cindy Jameson
    Sarah has the hottest alternative radio show on the planet where she interviews first time swingers, the Wife Swap Chronicles. Her guest for the show is Jill, who relates the story of the first time she and her husband had a wife swapping experience in their backyard pool. The incredible story of the poolside fling is sure to delight her listeners, but what effect will it have on Sarah?

Warning: This audiobook contains graphic depictions of various wife sexual encounters including group sex, first lesbian sex, oral sex, wife swapping, reluctant gangbang, forced deep throat, double penetration, double team sex, outdoor sex, rough sex, mff prostitute threesome, anal sex, wife share sex, wife gangbang, wedding sex, bride sex, first anal sex, forced semen swallowing and sex with strangers. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by explicit descriptions of sexual activity between consenting adults.

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Cindy Jameson, Jane Kemp, Jessica Crocker, Julie Bosso, Nancy Brockton




1 hr and 14 mins

Narrated by

Victoria Lemon

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