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Wiccan Spells Audiobook
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Wiccan Spells Audiobook



by Christal Moon

  • Narrated by: Mike Luoma
  • Length: 3 hrs and 41 mins
  • Release date: 03-25-20
  • Language: English


Have you ever pondered about the Wiccan way? Do you feel a feeling of void that can’t be satisfied by natural increases?

This is regular among those of us who have not exactly discovered a spiritual way to hold fast to. There are numerous craze religions or practices that spring up from time to time that can’t convey on their guarantees.

Wicca doesn’t work along these lines. This religion has been unassuming in its way to deal with spirituality, not looking for the spotlight of the inside stage however staying agreeable in the shadows as an incredible practice. Wicca endeavors to show its understudies the key to communing with nature to find the reality of the real world and of the exclusive expressions.

Find out about the history and practice of the Wiccan convention, find the fantastic influence of spell-throwing for well-being, riches, and bliss; and investigate the magical side of herbs and plants to interface with nature, as the most punctual shamans did in the old world.

The world we live in today appears to be entirely removed from the one our progenitors lived in – a reality where people and nature were at one, their reality entwined in the characteristic patterns of life. Wicca instructs us to welcome the Earth, commending the many-sided changes in the seasons and all that they bring.

As you’ll find right now, it is a resurrection of the most punctual religions, rehearsed for centuries before the appearance of Christianity. Wiccans celebrate and share huge numbers of similar convictions our progenitors held, with rehearses that respect the old ways while being perfect with contemporary life.

Inside this audiobook you will find:

  • The origins and history of Wicca and Witchcraft
  • Principles of magic – both old and present day
  • Choosing your Wiccan way
  • Wiccan covens, circles, and singular practice
  • Magickal tools and how to utilize them
  • Tips and rules for effective spellcasting
  • Core elements of Wiccan custom
  • Spells for bounty, riches, well-being, love, and satisfaction
  • And significantly more!

Living Wicca investigates the inquiries, practices, and contrasts inside Witchcraft. You’ll figure out how to make your own ceremonies and images, build up a book of shadows, and even become a devout cleric or priestess.

The best magic is engaged, individual, and yes – fun! Appreciate evaluating these spells and different activities, and in the event that you wish, let them be a springboard of motivation for extending and refining your own magical practice. Observe your outcomes in your very own Book of Shadows, and remember to respect your victories with affection and appreciation!

Regardless of whether you’ve never drilled Wicca, you will get the hang of all that you have to begin.

Regardless of how you have discovered your way to the Wiccan way, this audiobook is a genuine amateur’s guide.

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Christal Moon




3 hrs and 41 mins

Narrated by

Mike Luoma

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