White Tiger Seduction Audiobook By Wolf Specter, Katy Savage cover art
White Tiger Seduction Audiobook

White Tiger Seduction Audiobook


by Wolf Specter

  • Narrated by: Michael Giorgio
  • Length: 1 hr and 5 mins
  • Release date: 07-24-18
  • Language: English


Nik’s once boring life had been flipped upside down overnight. He left a successful and lucrative career to pursue his passion of photography. It was hard to resist the opportunity to be the assistant to Jean Pierre, a world-famous photographer. A trip to India to search for the mysterious white tiger was just the type of adventure Nik was missing in his life.

In India, bloodthirsty poachers have invaded the area and are willing to kill anyone that gets in their way, including foreign photographers. When Nik’s group is confronted by these killers, a chance encounter with a majestic beast will not only save his life but change it forever.

A steamy and forbidden passion emerges that brings out the deep primal animal inside of Nik.

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Katy Savage, Wolf Specter




1 hr and 5 mins

Narrated by

Michael Giorgio

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