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When Calories & Cardio Don’t Cut It Audiobook
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When Calories & Cardio Don’t Cut It Audiobook



by Joanne Lee Cornish

  • Narrated by: Betty Johnston
  • Length: 7 hrs and 10 mins
  • Release date: 12-10-18
  • Language: English


This audiobook is for every person who’s racing toward middle age or for those already dealing with it, and it’s for anyone whose diets stopped working for them and they’re watching their body shape change before their eyes.

This is not another diet audiobook, and you will not find any meal plans or recipes, but by the end of this audiobook, you will know how to lose weight and understand why you haven’t in the past.

Calorie restriction and heart-pumping cardiovascular exercise have been the mainstay of weight-loss programs for decades; they are so ingrained in our belief system that we fear if we eat too much or exercise too little, we will be instantly punished with overnight weight gain.

This approach never did explain why body shapes change and weight gain seems unavoidable for those racing toward middle age – an age where many of us are exercising with more diligence and accountability than we ever did in our youth.

When Calories & Cardio Don’t Cut It is a fascinating look at the major influencers that impact body composition and fat patterning. It explains how these players pay little heed to our obsessive tracking of intake vs. expenditure, and it will show you how you can control them to work in your favor.

We live in exciting times, as we are now clear about what causes the physical changes we abhor, and although calories and exercise play a role, they are deep in the shadows of the hugely dominant players who ultimately control what we weigh and what shape we take.

Before you hang your hat on the next diet or go back to the one that “worked before”, take this opportunity to explore how to live lean for a lifetime. It is entirely possible and extremely probable with the right know-how.

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Joanne Lee Cornish




7 hrs and 10 mins

Narrated by

Betty Johnston

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