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Weight loss: How to Lose Weight and Fat Naturally. Audiobook
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Weight loss: How to Lose Weight and Fat Naturally. Audiobook



by David Scott

  • Narrated by: Anna Wheeler
  • Length: 3 hrs and 49 mins
  • Release date: 01-22-20
  • Language: English


Do you want to lose weight quickly?

Self-hypnosis is a gentle and delicate method to get in touch with the deepest part of ourselves, our subconscious (or unconscious, the two terms are understood as synonyms), and communicate directly with this deep part of us.

With self-hypnosis you speak directly to the unconscious, with the language of the unconscious.

With this program you will speak gently with your subconscious and he will kindly guide you.

In this way, you will align your conscious and subconscious towards a common purpose: to make you lose weight (and maintain your proper weight) with constancy, balance and serenity.

Here’s what you’ll find in the audiobook:

  • How to get a sense of satiety. You will thus be able to acquire your full satisfaction and your perfect sense of well-being and satiety and bring this sense of fulfillment and satiety to your day.
  • How to eat healthy. You will be able to prefer healthy and healthy foods in your diet and to be happy and satisfied by them.
  • How to motivate yourself to lose weight. You will be able to acquire the best and most powerful motivation for your weight loss and to maintain your state of fitness, lightness, health, and well-being.
  • How to overcome compulsive hunger. In this way you will be able to release compulsive stress towards meals, to gain full control over food, and to bring this control into your day.
  • How to lose weight easily. In this way you will be able to have greater naturalness in the relationship with food and to acquire the habit of maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

The audiobook covers several aspects concerning slimming.

All together, they make up a progressive and complete program to “effectively lose weight”.

Why listen to this audiobook?

  • To have a tremendous support to your low-calorie regime.
  • To maintain the ideal weight and acquire a lifestyle based on well-being.
  • To implement and improve, every day, one’s change in the relationship with food.

Who is the audiobook aimed at?

  • For those who want to follow a practical method to maintain the ideal weight.
  • To those who want to achieve full control over food.
  • To those who want to acquire the profound motivation for their own weight loss.
  • To those who want to put into practice fundamental techniques for their physical well-being.

I spent the last years of my life studying and applying the techniques you will find in this volume and believe me if I tell you that I have tested them all.

This is why I offer you a synthetic, extremely practical, and rich pointed guide to simplify your path to slimming even if you’re gone for the first time to this world.

Now all you have to do is get this audiobook to learn more!

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David Scott




3 hrs and 49 mins

Narrated by

Anna Wheeler

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