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Weapons of Earth Audiobook
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Weapons of Earth Audiobook



by Scott Moon

  • Narrated by: Keith Michaelson
  • Length: 11 hrs and 23 mins
  • Release date: 06-08-17
  • Language: English

With the fate of humanity at stake, there is only one way for the Traitor of Hellsbreach to make things right.

After a battle that erased people from existence, Kin Roland faces betrayal, intrigue, and the ultimate decision. Reapers, Slomn, and all the deadly monsters of Crashdown have not prepared him for his return to Hellsbreach. He swore to never again set foot on the red wasteland. The truth awaiting him in Blood Meridian Canyon will force him to a desperate alliance. A creature that even the King of the Reapers fears will drive Kin across the Red Plains of Sorrow with the fate of humanity in the balance. There has ever been only one decision for Kin Roland…the right decision.

Weapons of Earth is the final book in the Chronicles of Kin Roland trilogy, a military science fiction adventure that fans of the movies Aliens and Predator will love. This series is for anyone who has dreamed of suiting up in a Starship Troopers dropship and assaulting a planet with a band of brothers ready to snatch victory from impossible odds. If you enjoy books by Robert A. Heinlein, Frank Herbert, John Steakley, John Ringo, and David Weber then you’ll love this book they inspired.

Buy the climactic conclusion to the Chronicles of Kin Roland trilogy today!

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Scott Moon

Narrated by

Keith Michaelson


11 hrs and 23 mins


Chronicles of Kin Roland, Book 3

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