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War of Secrets Audiobook
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War of Secrets Audiobook



by Phill Kelly

  • Narrated by: John Banks
  • Length: 9 hrs and 48 mins
  • Release date: 08-01-20
  • Language: English


A Space Marine Conquests novel

Supporting the Dark Angels as they battle trauma-scarred T’au, Lieutenant Farren and his Primaris Marines discover their allies have many secrets they’ll do anything to conceal….

Listen to it because we’ve all been dying to know what happens when the Primaris Space Marines and Dark Angels finally meet – and now that story is finally here.

The story: Lieutenant Xedro Farren is a Primaris Marine, stronger and more adept than even the Space Marines his brotherhood is sent to fight alongside. As the Dark Angels and the Primaris Marines fight a trauma-scarred force of T’au hellbent on destroying their former allies, the true quarry becomes clear – the shadowy instigator of a psychic curse that could plunge a string of Imperial planets into madness. As worlds burn in the fires of battle, an unthinkable pact is struck, with the Primaris Marines peeling back layer after layer of deceit to find the appalling truth. Can Farren hope to emerge from this web of lies without losing his honour – or come to that, his life?

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Phill Kelly




9 hrs and 48 mins

Narrated by

John Banks

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