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Volper Audiobook
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Volper Audiobook



by Ros Per

  • Narrated by: Kevin T. Collins
  • Length: 14 hrs and 9 mins
  • Release date: 05-21-19
  • Language: English

What can you do when you only have two years left under the sun? You can, for instance, keep to yourself and lose all contact with reality. You can spend all this remaining time feeling sorry for yourself and crying…. But I decided to act in a completely different way: If you have just a few years left to live, then why not enjoy yourself to the fullest? But how would I do that? It’s a piece of cake, since there is a virtual reality I can run to. And, as I’ve found out, there is a new project being launched pretty soon, about which only scarce info has been given. The only information available is on the official website of the game Alfarome.  

“Are you fed up with elves, gnomes, and other typical races from fantasy novels for teenagers? Sick and tired of reading about medieval battles and life in those dark times? Then, welcome to Alfarome! What’s in store for you here? It’s a brand new game, in the genre of post-apocalyptic cyberpunk, that tests your endurance! And what else can you hope for? That’s top secret, because any information can bring you money and you could make loads of it in the game!”©  

 Well, I’d love to go back to the old good days, when I was young and hale. Taking into account my past, this kind of virtual world will be just perfect for me!

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Anton Raksha – Translated by, Ros Per

Narrated by

Kevin T. Collins


14 hrs and 9 mins


Alfarome Series, Book 1

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