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Valor Audiobook
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Valor Audiobook



by Sever Bronny

  • Narrated by: Stefan Rudnicki
  • Length: 17 hrs and 3 mins
  • Release date: 12-11-18
  • Language: English

Apprentice warlocks Augum, Bridget, and Leera have reunited with their legendary mentor, Anna Atticus Stone. But her epic battle with the diabolical lord of the Legion has taken a toll, and now she suffers from a deadly arcane fever. To revive her, Augum will have to earn the respect of a warrior people…by facing his childhood tormentors.

Meanwhile, Augum and Leera’s feelings for each other are complicated by the upcoming Star Feast, a magical midnight dance to mark Endyear. Their revelry will have to be short-lived, however, for a perilous quest beckons – the trio must infiltrate an ancient castle that will pit them against enemies old and new while testing every ounce of their skill and courage.

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Sever Bronny

Narrated by

Stefan Rudnicki


17 hrs and 3 mins


The Arinthian Line, Book 3

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