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Vagus Nerve Audiobook

Vagus Nerve Audiobook


by Dr. David Turner

  • Narrated by: Ty Smith
  • Length: 3 hrs and 50 mins
  • Release date: 11-21-19
  • Language: English

Have you ever heard about the little-known nerve that can drastically improve your way of life?  

In your body, there exists a very special cranial nerve that control your emotions, health, happiness, and hormones. Scientists and doctors are now getting more and more interested in this secret nerve because it can treat physical illnesses and help manage stress, tension, cancer, depression, and cognitive disorder.   

Do you want to know how stimulate the vagus nerve and activate it 100 percent? This audiobook contains a deep explanation of the vagus nerve, its functions, and ways to radically improve your life though it, explained by one of the most influential neurologists of this century: Dr. David Turner.  

In this book, you will learn:  

  • What vagus nerve functions are, in a very deep and step-by-step explanation 
  • How to save time by going directly to the source of the problem and fix it from the inside out 
  • What happen in vagus doesn’t stay in vagus: what about it?  
  • How you can overcome different physical & mental pains – common medicine can’t help with. 
  • What is one signification thing doctors don’t tell you about the vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) 
  • What are easy exercises useful to interact with the vagus nerve and turn on its positive influences on the parasympathetic nervous system, without lessons or professional instruction. 
  • How to quit smoking through VNS  
  • How to free yourself from stress, anxiety, depression quickly and right away
  • How to manage your breathing with proven inhaling and exhaling techniques that almost immediately engage and activate the vagus nerve
  • How you can massage your neck to activate the vagus nerve: the magic touch massage  
  • How VNS can help to rapidly calm your heart, respiration, and digestive system
  • What cold therapy is, how simple it is, and its incredibly power

Through a series of easy self-help exercises, the audiobook helps you learn to regulate the vagus nerve in order to initiate deep relaxation, improve sleep, and recover from injuries and traumas.

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Dr. David Turner

Narrated by

Ty Smith


3 hrs and 50 mins

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