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Unbeatable Mind Audiobook
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Unbeatable Mind Audiobook



by Amras Lúinwë

  • Narrated by: David Martin
  • Length: 3 hrs and 1 min
  • Release date: 09-11-19
  • Language: English


There is an axiom to the expression that self-growth is extremely about self-acceptance not about self-improvement. This may at first appear somewhat of an inconsistency yet it isn’t. If somebody can genuinely acknowledge themselves as they seem to be, not as they might suspect they ought to be, at that point they will feel a level of passionate well-being and security that will enable them to recuperate whatever it is that is blocking them and in this way change. 

What you will learn is this book:

  • What is self-help?
  • The ultimate self-help guide is a hypnosis technique
  • Five fantastic steps to better lifestyle 
  • Self-improvement tips that will make your life better
  • Self-help synonyms
  • Self-improvement and personal growth
  • Nine principles for self-improvement
  • Self-improvement and motivation
  • Self-improvement and success under law of attraction
  • Self-improvement superheroes and their success secrets
  • Self-help and the rules of engagement
  • Gain confidence by overcoming perfectionism
  • Top tips for overcoming perfectionism and procrastination
  • The imperfection of perfectionism
  • What does procrastination look like?
  • Effects of procrastination
  • How to stop procrastination problem?
  • Stop procrastination and succeed

The self-help industry is the same from multiple points of view to different ventures. It is continuously advising people what they have to do and how they have to do it to be who they need to be. There are a bunch of valuable data contained in this book, just as a terrible measure of hot air, contingent upon your perspective! 

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Amras Lúinwë




3 hrs and 1 min

Narrated by

David Martin

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