Turned Gay by Monsters Audiobook By Hank Wilder cover art
Turned Gay by Monsters Audiobook

Turned Gay by Monsters Audiobook


by Hank Wilder

  • Narrated by: Hank Wilder
  • Length: 59 mins
  • Release date: 08-22-16
  • Language: English

Collecting even more tales of hardcore, gay, beastly gangbangs, Turned Gay by Monsters 8 is the perfect bundle for anyone looking to walk on the wild side. These stories include straight to gay turning, rough sex, gangbangs, double anal, dubious consent, mind control, cream pies, and monster sex.

“Dragon Gangbang”

With the kingdoms in disarray, a desperate King Rollan finds himself in possession of a weapon that could completely turn the balance of power: six baby dragons. Unfortunately, the only way of domesticating them is by first taming their gay sexual appetite.

London is a handsome blacksmith’s son who is summoned by the king without warning. London soon learns that he alone holds the key that could save the kingdom, after first surviving a brutal, gay dragon gangbang.

“Living Toy Gangbang”

Adam is a handsome, young developer at one of the world’s leading toy companies, Toy Link.

The company has been having problems with some of their newest toys, and when it comes to light that the new office has been built on the site of an ancient native burial ground, Adam starts to wonder if the two are related.

Little does he know, Adam is about to find out the hard way at the center of a gay living toy gangbang!

“Lizard Man Gangbang”

Despite being required to wade through the deep Louisiana swamps all day, Pete loves his job. There’s nothing quite like the thrill of discovering a new species, and the most thrilling of all would be to find the Louisiana Lizard Men. Too bad they’re only legends.

But when a strange hillbilly shows up at Pete’s research station hawking his very own lizard man attracting cocktail, the creatures quickly become more than just folk tales. Soon Pete finds himself fighting for survival in a gay lizard man gangbang.

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Hank Wilder




59 mins

Narrated by

Hank Wilder

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