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Tropical Depression Audiobook
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Tropical Depression Audiobook



by Laurence Shames

  • Narrated by: Jem Matzan
  • Length: 9 hrs and 17 mins
  • Release date: 11-01-16
  • Language: English

When Murray Zemelman, a.k.a. The Bra King, pops another Prozac and heads to the Keys, he has nothing much in mind beyond a quixotic hope of winning back his first wife, Franny, whom he dumped years before. But when he forms an unlikely friendship with Tommy Tarpon, the last remaining member of an obscure Indian tribe, another plan also starts shaping up in his fevered brain. Why not open up Key West’s first casino?

Why not? Well, how about because the Mafia, in league with some of the nastiest politicians you will ever meet, is determined to kill anyone who tries? Somehow, Murray, Tommy, and Franny didn’t think of that until they were in way too deep. Laugh along as they improvise a manic and ever more desperate campaign to keep their casino dreams – and themselves – alive.

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Laurence Shames

Narrated by

Jem Matzan


9 hrs and 17 mins


Key West, Book 4

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