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Tree Guardian Audiobook
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Tree Guardian Audiobook

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by Andrew Karevik

  • Narrated by: Neil Hellegers
  • Series: Divine Seed Series, Book 2
  • Length: 7 hrs and 57 mins
  • Release date: 11-10-20
  • Language: English

After a brush with death that almost cost me everything, I managed to expose Izguril’s machinations and imprison the usurper god within me. 

Now, with no more immediate threats to my survival, I wish that I could take some time to rest, but I can’t. Because if the goblin village that has taken up residence within me is thriving, and more adventurers come every day to test their mettle against my traps and monsters, something is nagging at the back of my mind. A dark vision, that was confirmed by none other than the Mistmother – the goddess of foresight. In nine short years, Invaders will arrive in this world to raze it to the ground. Not a soul will survive. Nothing will remain. 

That’s why I cannot relax. I must gather as much strength as I can if I want to stand a chance to repel them. And to do that, there’s no two ways about it: I need to expand the dungeon. I need to add more rooms and more treasures to make it more compelling, so that I may attract more seasoned adventurers. Because if the essence of novice adventurers might be enough to maintain my magic reserves, I need that of powerful warriors and wizards to reach the next level.

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Andrew Karevik




7 hrs and 57 mins

Narrated by

Neil Hellegers

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Divine Seed Series, Book 2


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