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Traveling Audiobook
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Traveling Audiobook



by Mike Moscow

  • Narrated by: Clay Willison
  • Length: 3 hrs
  • Release date: 05-23-20
  • Language: English


We should all start to travel more. Why? We only have one life, and it should be about experiencing new things, making memories, eating new foods, talking with strangers, hearing new languages, discovering new places, learning new cultures, seeing how other people live, living our best moment, and discovering new hobbies and passions. If you do all of the above, you will see life differently. 

They say, if you travel a lot, you will be a happier person. By traveling, we discover who we really are, and we appreciate life and the things that we have. The media always scares us with negativity about other countries; but if only people knew there are great kind people out there!

We are in the 21st century, and times have changed. You will be surprised how much you can travel for cheap if you do some good research before booking your trip. It’s not like before where only one trip would cost you hundreds of dollars or even thousands. Nowadays, there are a lot of websites and apps and that means more competition between companies.

You can now find $25 flights, $3 meal, $20 accommodations, $5 transportation. Nowadays, it’s even possible to get free flights and meals for already traveling. With all the great technology that we have, nowadays, it’s the easiest time to travel around the world and the cheapest.

People are always negative, and say, “It’s too expensive to travel”, or “I don’t have time”, but they never do some research, and that’s why, when they do travel they get the bad deals!

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Mike Moscow




3 hrs

Narrated by

Clay Willison

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