Are you making a living? Or, as Joe Dominguez puts it, are you making a dying? Dominguez was a Wall Street analyst who walked away from a high-powered financial career in 1969, retiring at age 30. Afterward, he lived comfortably on about $7,000 per year while donating a small fortune to various charities.

Transforming Your Relationship with Money is his life’s work – a revolutionary guide that will help you find peace with the concept of money, stop consuming things you don’t really need, and start contributing to the goals and ideals you believe in.

Joe Dominguez achieved financial independence not through a get-rich-quick scheme but through a path of inquiry that led him to question the very nature of our relationship with money. Here, he illuminates the equation between money and our most precious resource – our life energy – so that a powerful new definition of money emerges. In nine simple steps, he teaches you how to consciously track, evaluate, and direct the flow of money – without compromising your principles or most cherished dreams.

“The foolish person wants more money and more of the things money can buy,” Dominguez says. “The wise person wants enough money and more of the things money can’t buy: health, happiness, love, and peace of mind.” Now the personal money management course that brings this wisdom to consciousness is open to every listener, with Transforming Your Relationship with Money.

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