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Tiny Homes: Tiny House Design Tips Audiobook

Tiny Homes: Tiny House Design Tips Audiobook


by Tiny House Living

  • Narrated by: Daniel Penz
  • Length: 1 hr and 33 mins
  • Release date: 02-26-16
  • Language: English


Thinking about moving into a tiny home? Have you heard a lot about the tiny house movement and have been thinking that this is the right move for you? This little house movement is gaining in popularity all over the world; the idea that you can get rid of all the unnecessary things in your life and instead focus on what really matters, taking care of the environment. While living in a small house may seem like a great idea, there are many individuals who feel that a shipping container home is just too small for them. How are they going to get the bare necessities to fit, much less everything else that they may like to have on hand? This guidebook is here to help you get started so you can enjoy living in a tiny home without having to worry so much about where everything will fit.

This guidebook is going to help you learn everything that you need to know to make your compact house feel like it is much bigger than it looks on the outside. We will take a look through every room of the house, starting with the bedroom and not stopping until we reach all of the rooms in these cozy little cabins. You will be surprised how you can use your cupboard space more wisely or add some decorations to the wall in order to brighten up the room and make it seem more open than before.

Each room in your shipping container house will get the attention it deserves. You will learn some of the best tips that are needed to ensure that a little can go a long way in a tiny home. Rather than just leaving everything up to chance and hoping it is all going to fit inside this small space, you can go into your new home with the tools that are needed to get the whole thing done.

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1 hr and 33 mins

Narrated by

Daniel Penz

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