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Time Traveler Confidential Audiobook
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Time Traveler Confidential Audiobook



by Dr. Bruce Goldberg

  • Narrated by: James Robert Killavey
  • Length: 6 hrs and 17 mins
  • Release date: 10-11-12
  • Language: English

In the year 3567 an Earth ambassador named Mustafa Striker makes a deal with a far-distant-galaxy reptilian named Drax, to destroy our galaxy in exchange for Striker’s control of a planet occupied by humanlike beings in Drax’s galaxy. The plan consists of using a wormline linear accelerator (a time machine) to change historical events’ in-out timeline, creating an uncontrollable blackhole that will destroy our galaxy. Time traveler Bob Gullon is assigned the mission of capturing Striker and preventing this catastrophe. Striker is successful in creating three major ripplepoints by altering history. The destruction of the universe has begun!

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Dr. Bruce Goldberg

Narrated by

James Robert Killavey


6 hrs and 17 mins

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