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Time Travel Romance Audiobook

Time Travel Romance Audiobook


by JH Atilson

  • Narrated by: Gene Blake
  • Length: 1 hr and 10 mins
  • Release date: 07-04-18
  • Language: English

Life is quite complicated, isn’t it? Responsibilities, concerns, worries, chores, and errands everywhere you look and such a limited time to actually enjoy your life. Don’t you think you deserve a small break from all that stress and anxiety? 

Dive deep into the story of Caine Newman, a history professor at the University of Pennsylvania. Caine had always been fascinated with history, and he always imagined how the course of history could be altered by changing one random event. 

What if Hitler never took the reins and assumed power?

What if President Kennedy was never assassinated?

And that was only part of his uneasy and curious spirit. In fact, he always believed that he was meant for something more than simply teaching history. He thought he was destined to change history. 

And while this was true, he made the mistake of thinking he would simply make history in the close future. The possibility of going back to the future never even crossed his mind. Until one day, his colleague, physics Professor Henry Winston payed him a visit in the classroom. What’s more, he claimed he was a time traveler himself, having traveled back from the future. 

Will Caine accept the possibility of traveling to the past? What would he find if he actually ventured there? What if Caine actually met someone in the past? How could traveling to the past disrupt the timeline and cause serious consequences? 

Find out everything about Caine’s story in this time-traveling love story by author JH Atilson! 

Listen now, and let go of your concerns and worries for a few days! 

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JH Atilson

Narrated by

Gene Blake


1 hr and 10 mins

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