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This Is This Country Audiobook
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This Is This Country Audiobook



by Kerry Mucklowe

  • Narrated by: Kerry Mucklowe
  • Length: 2 hrs and 47 mins
  • Release date: 10-03-19
  • Language: English

Listen up chumps, basically the Vicar asked us to edit the parish newsletter this month, we weren’t gonna do it at first cos the vicar said ‘I want you to channel your energy into doing something creative’, which he knows brings back Kurtan’s PTSD cos our old woodwork teacher Mr Perkins used to say it to him all the time, and when Kurtan actually DID channel his energy into something creative he managed to sand down some MDF to make a back scratcher and Darren Lacey pointed at it and laughed and called it an ‘abomination to woodwork’, which made Kurtan throw a chair across the room in rage and one of the chair legs hit Rob Robinson and left a dent in his forehead.

So we decided to write this newsletter cos people need to the know the REAL s–t that goes down in our village. It ain’t just fetes and duck races you know – it’s proper f–ked up. 

All the best,

Kerry and Kurtan

PS. Kurtan wants to make it clear that although this newsletter is in book format it does not make him any of the following:

Book Worm

Book bummer


Nerd alert

The lion, the witch and the book worm

PPS. If you don’t buy this newsletter that’s fine, but we are getting a percent of the profits to donate to the Kerry Mucklowe eating fund, so if you don’t buy it I’ll basically starve. Which is fine if your conscience can deal with that utter headf–k.

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Kerry Mucklowe, Kurtan Mucklowe




2 hrs and 47 mins

Narrated by

Kerry Mucklowe, Kurtan Mucklowe, Rev. Francis Seaton, Sue Mucklowe

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