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The Witchery Audiobook
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The Witchery Audiobook



by Gena Tuttle

  • Narrated by: Daniela Acitelli
  • Length: 9 hrs and 52 mins
  • Release date: 05-06-20
  • Language: English


While excavating Viking Ruins on the Isle of Man, Sean Murphy and Cleo Foster discover a ghostly presence that draws them into a labyrinth of hidden sea caves with impossible Egyptian hieroglyphics and a floating sphere of water. They get more than they bargained for as an ancient pharaoh rises from the Egyptian sarcophagus, gives them a cryptic message, and jumps through the sphere of water. 

With no way out, Cleo finds that she must follow the creepy mummy into the sphere of water. She jumped into the sphere and landed into a beautiful garden in the backyard of The Witchery. 

Sean follows her into the sphere but lands somewhere far different than Cleo. They have landed on different shores separated by thousands of miles. The creature that lured them into the sea cave was nowhere to be found, he finds instead a man of immortal age, named Collin O’Leary. 

Sean landed in the streets of Edinburgh, Scotland unaware that Cleo landed at a school for witches, with no way out. The woman she had followed into the sphere is not who she had claimed to be. Twists and turns await the duo as they discover who they are and their purpose.

Join the team as they unravel the mystery of The Witchery and the immortal Vampire Eve as she and Collin O’Leary witness the beginnings of life and death as they have seen it, from the beginning. Meet Joan of Arc as she is summoned by her voices to fight the English. Cross paths with the Viking warrior, Ivar the Boneless, as he attacks the English with the help of an immortal witch during the eleventh century. This is a tale that spans the millenniums of time as the immortal witch, Collin searches for the Viking witch who enchanted him during a battle in York. 

Strap yourself in and take a leap of faith as you enter the sphere of witch-water and transport yourself to another world. A land where dreams come true if you wish for them, and nightmares heal the wounded. Not all is as it seems as you enter The Witchery.

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Gena Tuttle




9 hrs and 52 mins

Narrated by

Daniela Acitelli

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