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The Wise Slave: The Detective Audiobook

The Wise Slave: The Detective Audiobook


by Fadi Bedaiwi

  • Narrated by: Nikki Delgado
  • Series: The Wise Slave, Book 3
  • Length: 31 mins
  • Release date: 09-18-19
  • Language: English


The Wise Slave: The Detective – Chapter Book 3

Let me tell you about the detective, his name is Mr Clarke. I became a very good friend with him, Yaqra went back home to his country when his wife Melanippe Xanthippe disappeared and her father Stongolo and her brother Stovy became very ill. He came back with Mr Clarke, and then he appointed four doctors, two from his country and two from “Jacomaya”, my tribe. The Jacomaya lived in Cvillya forest for maybe thousands of years, relying on hunting. Maybe 95 percent of their time, we have sustained ourselves by foraging, that is, by hunting and gathering food from our natural environment. We lived in small, circular, houses called Yamawa, many still keeping their tradition and we support that. Some can house up to 10 people each.

We were almost the largest tribe in the region; we were 1213 houses in different villages not too far from each other. The central area is used for activities such as rituals, feasts, and games. Yamawa used to prepare timbó poison from a vine, used to stun fish and animals, and use it for war. Our doctors use all natural substance, like herbs, minerals, and sometimes, believing in some words that are read next to the patient’s head. Sometimes we use a smokey scent from ignited dried herbs; specific types are inhaled in certain quantities. It is also used to traditionally treat asthma, chest congestion, colic, nausea, kidney problems, thyroid cancer, lung tumours, and post childbirth. It is also a general tonic in most the tribes, even until now, after all these years, most of the tribes still use the traditional method. We have thousands of families moved in from all around; the world they came here looking for a peaceful life, crime is very rare in Civillya, punishments are very severe compared to other countries, where crime is much higher. We spend a high percentage of our budgets on the police and army, and we preach between people and tribes, safety before luxury.

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Fadi Bedaiwi




31 mins

Narrated by

Nikki Delgado

Release date



The Wise Slave, Book 3


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