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The Trading Bible for Beginners Audiobook
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The Trading Bible for Beginners Audiobook



by Warren Dalio

  • Narrated by: Henry Schill
  • Length: 18 hrs and 30 mins
  • Release date: 07-30-20
  • Language: English

So, are you new to trading? Do you want to know more beyond the history of trading? Do you want to learn what trading is? Do you want to dominate the trading industry but don’t know how?

If your answer is yes, then this is just the book for you. 

Certainly, the forex market can make you rich, but not overnight. It still takes knowledge, skills, and discipline in following the most suitable strategies before you can become profitable in the forex market. The forex market has boomed and it is now considered one of the hottest financial markets today. It has been around for decades now, but the recent rise of trading technologies has made it accessible to private traders on a scale that is unprecedented. 

Being a successful trader is possible; however, profits will not just fall into your palms. It demands a conscious effort and hard work and a thirst for useful information and how to apply it. One of the most vital skills to get as a trader is learning how to create an effective strategy that works. There are essential trading tips that will help you take the right steps and avoid subtle pitfalls. As a day trader, knowing how to prevent insider trading is equally as important as knowing how to go about trading and reducing your tax duties, it’s not just about making money or cutting losses but making it the honest way and not running into trouble along the way. Learning how to manage your emotions as a trader properly will also help you make smarter choices that bring you closer to your aim. The stock market is full of turns and twists with a lot of bumps. You must, therefore, be proactive and know how to see ahead in your investment and trading decisions.   

In this book, we’ll introduce you to the exciting and challenging world of option trading. While options involve higher risk-taking than normal stock market investing, they are also more interesting and exciting, with a huge potential upside. Written as a beginner’s guide for people who are enticed to join the forex market, this book can help you learn.

The stock market is much like an auction. Buyers will bid for the stock, which means that they are telling the sellers what the highest price they are willing to pay for the stock is. In return, the sellers will ask for a certain price. The gap between these two prices is known as the bid-ask spread, which must be closed for a successful trade. There are a number of terms that you must familiarize yourself with to understand the stock market better. These are crucial for maximizing your trading potential.

Swing trading is an exciting opportunity for small and individual investors to make an income on the stock market. In fact, swing trading is a general technique that can be used to earn income from stocks, commodities, and even on forex.

This book contains multiple tips including how to maximize your potential in trading using trading psychology! You just need to be ready to challenge yourself by listening to this guide. The only challenge comes in with the learning curve involve and also the time investment required when starting out. However, this will all be worth it in no time!

This book covers the following topics:

  • Forex trading
  • Day trading
  • Options trading
  • Stock market investing
  • Swing trading
  • Trading psychology
  • And much more!

The objective in writing this beginner’s guide is to help you develop a good understanding of the market before you even start trading. 

Let’s get started.

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Warren Dalio




18 hrs and 30 mins

Narrated by

Henry Schill

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